One in three Germans say capitalism to blame for poverty, hunger | The survey found that more than 60 percent of Germans believe there is no genuine democracy in their country because industry has too much political influence and that the voice of the voters plays only a subordinate role.

Absolute HUGE assumption here.

Perhaps and more likely the greatest force in ending poverty has been the ability to transfer goods more effectively.

Easier to locate and exchange. More opportunities exist due to a world that is connected.

To assert that we can thank Capitalism for this is ignorance at its best.

Capitalism does absolutely NOTHING for poverty and to infer it does is completely wrong.

I would be willing to listen to any examples you may have where capitalism lends itself directly to providing for the poor.

Realizing that 'Capitalism' is solely responsible for the suppression of millions of people for the greater good of very few is a logical starting point.

First we understand what capitalizing is, it is making the most out of an exchange.

Not everyone can make the most, so what we see is that the people at the bottom get the least for their efforts while the people at the top get the most.

Each corporation in the world does not do things for altruistic means, they do it for wealth. They make products as cheap as possible and charge as much as possible (what the market will bear)

So we see people working their entire lives to obtain a survival while others continue to amass basically useless wealth that cannot even be spent.

So if you are trying to assert that the mega rich corporations who applied capitalism to amass wealth at the cost of the peoples wealth then take this extra money and donate it back, is where they help the poor, I would say that is a pretty short sighted analysis.

Sad thing is so many people seem to think with your cap on and it just could not be further from the truth.

Capitalism is not a balanced force, it suppresses the poor and empowers the rich, its big dog theory.

If you have 30 dogs in a kennel and toss in some food, much like chickens you will see the pecking order.

Often the smallest dogs wont get enough while the largest dogs get more than they need.

So if you think that the big dogs are gonna be nice and allow the smaller dogs to eat a valid portion, you are confused on how this works.

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