A one-time lockdown won't halt the novel coronavirus and repeated periods of social distancing may be required into 2022 to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed, Harvard scientists have said who have modeled the pandemic's trajectory

The problem is considering projections vs speculation. Projection is based on data. Speculation is that same data but filtered through no data. Projections are going to change. Like the weather, you see what’s happening now and what all the moving parts are doing and apply calculated deviation to make a projection of what is going to happen tomorrow. Speculation is when you see what’s happening now and all the moving parts and then you apply well it’s usually warm and rainy in April to make a speculation of what’s going to happen tomorrow. Projection is constantly adjusting. Like by 10pm that night that cold front hasn’t lifted so yeah our new projection is that it’s going to be cold. Speculation is just right or wrong. Ehh it’s tomorrow now and it’s chilly, well we got it wrong.

Anyways my speculation on how all this works could be wrong.

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