That one time in Peru - A mind-altering experience through love and time

Bethany is the most important person in my life. Her presence in my thoughts was more powerful than any near disaster my mind almost led me down and could always help steer the ship. I realized what I have with her is beyond explanation. The word love almost became meaningless by comparison in my mind. We are truly compatible and a union. She is everything and vice versa. That was the moment I realized I needed to marry her when I got back to normalcy.

I could finally sense the journey was nearing its end. The purging around me and my own had mostly come to an end and I could sense my mind floating rather than speeding up. I had somehow survived not only the maximum dose but was filled with the most self-love and pride I had ever experienced. I hadn’t given in to the darkness even once. The bald man lit candles and slowly turned the dim lights back on.

“Welcome back my friends.”

“Once you leave here, take with you an open mind. Question the programming you received as a child. Realize the conditioning of your mind is not true. The person and role you play in life is not the real you.”

“People are really sick and need your love. Be compassionate and understanding in everyday life. From now on you should question everything on a constant basis. Is this how I really feel? Is this who I really am? What do I believe in? Do I still believe this? Does this person or thought serve me? Why am I discouraging to myself?”

“If you are surrounded by people that makes you unhappy, remove them. If you are in a job you don’t love, quit. Go live a life of purpose that is authentic to you.”

“Thank you for joining us on this very special night. And a very grateful thanks to…” The bald man thanks each of his musician friends individually by name. “It is now time to close. Join us in the middle for prepared fruits and celebration.”

And with that, I began anew.

Final photo of Machu Picchu

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