One tip to improve ranked: do not put people who are doing placements in promo matches

Ranked is just awful. I have a 70% winrate so I'm not complaining about not being able to climb, but you shouldn't have to play against players entire tiers above you to get out of low tiers. The quality of my normal games with thousands of games worth of mmr (which have warding, objective control etc) and the fiesta that is ranked is so drastic it's disgusting. For most players the bottom line is the team with the worst player loses instead of the team with the best player winning.

The system expects you to carry so you get bad players on your side and ridiculous "unwinnable" plat opponents in silver. Personally I found that climbing is NOT about your ability, but your ability to stop your team from doing stupid stuff, the exception being if you can shut out the opposing jungle and make the game a 4v5 basically. You can't make your team capitalize on your Leona engage or collapse on out of position players, but you can heal the hell out of the idiots and force them to stay alive through their bad decisions.

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