One of the uglier parts of a breakup is if one of you had a dog. That dog will never know why you stopped visiting.

My ex took in a kitten who my mom and i pseudo adopted (strays who mom religiously fed) and I guess she (the kitten) knew what I did because she was the most affectionate cat, ever.

When I’d come over after work to see my ex, she would demand things like being nestled under my neck, always wanting to be near if we watched Netflix, etc.

The most painful part of the breakup truly is when I had to pass in her area and I saw the cat, sitting at the window, and I wondered if she wonders where I went.

I have a wife now and a baby, so honestly it doesn’t keep me up at night but the Mets always hurts knowing that animal will never understand why you left.

As I eat an animal.

While Trump is Pedodent.

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