One user responds to a rape awareness ad in TrollX by asserting that rape awareness education is overblown and getting out of hand. 70 children are created, but if he were legitimately victim blaming the mods would just shut the whole thing down.

If you were correct, it would make all general intent crimes into specific intent crimes

No. Specific intent generally means you intend some result. For example, theft statutes sometimes require an intent to "permanently deprive" the person of the item. Therefore, if I take the item, but lack the specific intent to permanently deprive, then I am not guilty of that crime.

General intent means you have to intend to do the criminal act. The criminal act in the case of rape is having sex with someone, without their consent.

Your argument is that the general intent does not apply to the "without their consent" part. My response is, yes, it does. You even admitted this with an example I gave. I will give the example again:

Person A tells person B: "I will murder you if you do not have sex with Person C." Person C is not in the vicinity during the threat, and is completely unaware of the threat. Person B, based on the threat, initiates and has sex with Person C, who reasonably believes the entire act was completely consensual.

Has Person C committed rape?

The answer is no. Why? Person C intended to have sex with Person B. And Person B did not give consent, because it was coerced by violent threat. So, why is Person C not guilty of rape?

To put it another way: I don't need to know that the drug I'm about to snort is cocaine for it to be a crime for me to take cocaine, I just need to have snorted it of my own free will.

See, this is inaccurate, and I can prove it with an example.

If I drink a drink, believing it to be Coca-Cola, but it has been spiked with Cocaine - I am not guilty of a crime.

No, the intent requirement of the crime is not an intent requirement for each element. See above with the cocaine thing.

Yes, it is. Otherwise you don't have the "general intent" to commit a criminal act.

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