One user responds to a rape awareness ad in TrollX by asserting that rape awareness education is overblown and getting out of hand. 70 children are created, but if he were legitimately victim blaming the mods would just shut the whole thing down.

General intent means you have to intend to do the criminal act. The criminal act in the case of rape is having sex with someone, without their consent.

That's simply untrue. General intent is simply that the act must be volitional, you need not be aware of the circumstances that would make it a crime, or even that the act itself is criminal.

If you willingly have sex with someone who could not consent (absent being yourself raped by the drunk person) you have fulfilled your intent requirement. You need not be aware that they couldn't consent, much less have sex with the intent to do so in violation of consent.

Has Person C committed rape? Why or why not

Your argument is reasonable mistake of fact. And that's good, because it's the best defense you could bring to bear. But, again, it's an affirmative defense rather than some kind of immunity, and must be proved by the defendant, not simply stated as a possible defense and then disproved by the prosecution.

And I agreed that reasonable mistake of fact is a defense. The only thing I noted past that point was that in my experience juries are more sympathetic to rape victims than people who sign contracts while drunk.

If I drink a drink, believing it to be Coca-Cola, but it has been spiked with Cocaine - am I guilty of a crime?

Probably not. But you had good reason to believe it was Coca-Cola, and could likely establish that you reasonably believed it wasn't spiked with anything.

But your argument earlier was not about reasonable mistake of fact (which has both a subjective and objective analysis), it was just about sincere belief.

Yes, it is. Otherwise you don't have the "general intent" to commit a criminal act

Again, general intent is just that the act itself was voluntary. It isn't a requirement to have complete knowledge. If your argument (I have to know my action is part of a criminal act) were correct, mistake of law would be a defense

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