One year of moderation!

I have been sober for 90% of the past 2 years or so off weed and alcohol. I ended 14 months in May 2015, had about 3 months off weed from Jan to April 10th, 2 weeks from May 20th to June 1st, and finally 33 days from June 13th to the 18th...I only buy 2 dimes a week max, but I had to get use to the idea that I can't go to a cafe its to much work, I can't roll up outside downtown at the park, its risky, and the buzz is a waste. I usually do it at home, smoke a .5, then keep the other .5 for the next day, I recently gave up and will use this thought that if I do use I will be impaired for many hours , impaired in the sense I can't do complex academic work, and also I don't like the idea of waking and baking at 7am when everyone's left the house, although I cant stop myself unless I throw it away. That being said I have a 7.2 GPA/9.0 in University, and I will be doing 3rd year next year. I used this week because I have an exam next week, and decided it would be good to reboot, and see where this goes, if I can make it, and because I didn't want to do nothing. I noticed you make lists I do to, I also go to the gym, something I find works for me is waking up later in the day so I won't be as likely to pick up, and going to the mall instead of downtown.

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