The Only Acceptable Ruby Ship

You know what's weird about the fandom? For a show that's 20% slice of life school anime and 80% fighting to save the world RWBY has a strong shipper fanbase. I mean, don't get me wrong shipping is fun and there's no problem with participating in it. But everyone gets into toxic ship wars and critics, valid or not, argue that ship X is forced and shouldn't be pushed (you know what I'm talking about) while the other side argue that ship X doesn't have enough buildup and should have more interactions. People get upset that a gay has been buried when we're not even sure if there was an explicitly romantic angle to that character.

The weirder part is that the only explicitly and exclusively romantic scene that has happened in the show is Renora's kiss and Blake blushing over Sun. That's it. RWBY has long moved away from it's teenage high school drama roots but the shipper fanbase is still active as ever before. It's quite a strange phenomena, really

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