Only alive for others

Stop being an entitled little bitch who thinks they are too good for people? Stop letting your emotions control you. It’s okay to feel things but to let your emotions rule your life will be the most miserable thing ever.

A few days ago, you wrote this. I found your profile while searching for arguments against Disney..

Not to attack you, I just want to ask, aren't you being a little hypocritical? Aren't.. you letting yourself be controlled by your emotions?

Look, my goal is to find a way to un-zombify the masses from this consumerist nightmare we find ourselves in. It's worse than Huxley or Orwell foresaw in Brave New World or 1984.

So, I wanted to ask you.. what would be worth it for you, what would make life exciting and invigorating for you to leap out of bed every morning like it was Christmas? If you don't answer, that's cool, just asking.

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