Is it only American to expect nothing but the purest niceness from your waiter here ?

I always treat servers with respect and kindness. I'm Turkish and I live in Turkey.

Some servers especially in bars address me as "sen" (casual version of "you") instead of "siz" (formal version of "you") then it really annoys me. I've been to at least a dozen countries and I've always liked how Americans behave in the food industry.

As a matter of fact people who grew up in muslim culture are the most disrespectful in my experience.(I'm a hairy brown middle eastern muslim guy so don't worry). They will address you as "my younger brother, dude, bro" and never know their boundaries when I'm wearing my leather jacket. But when I arrive in a mercedes wearing a suit they always call me "sir, welcome" and quickly arrange a table very enthusiastically as if they're almost ready to give me a blowjob.

This never happens with Americans or Europeans. Unless they're racist, very rarely i get some unpleasant looks because I'm a hairy armed and bearded middle eastern brown guy.

Whenever and wherever I go I don't bother people with long talks or extra requests with my meal. I respect them and I expect the same. If everything is perfect I leave a big tip, when it's the opposite I tell them I don't like their attitude and I give them my serious look which implies "you won't be pleased if you keep up with this attitude." It is sometimes needed in Turkey because some people don't know that I just don't give a fuck about their bad day or their problems, I just want them to do their jobs correctly and that's it. And if you're in the food business you HAVE to be respectful towards customers. I can't be dealing with your need to feel superior, just because I'm young no one gets to call me "my younger brother."

Okay I'm calm now. But seriously fuck disrespectful people. It's the same with clothing shops, if your job is to serve me you just do your job correctly and with respect.

I've also had to tell other customers to go fuck themselves when I've seen them scolding/treating waiters and waitresses like shit over nothing. In Turkey a lot of guys scold/embarrass their servers when they have their gf or wife is with them. It fucking sucks and I interfere almost always if the guy looks less dangerous than me. Otherwise I leave the place immediately after my meal, in Turkey it's very easy to get murdered over some shit like this, or in traffic, or just by looking at someone 'the wrong way.'

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