I Was the Only Black Woman to Testify Against an Abortion Ban. They Cut My Mic. - Cherisse Scott says she was told she had 10 minutes to speak, but lawmakers stopped her when she mentioned white supremacy.

I don’t really care about you one way or the other.

The popularity of posts like these shows a clear similarity between voters of both parties. Would you like to contest that

Yes, there are similarities between “both parties.” Both parties are American, both parties primarily speak English, both parties got their poli sci and comms educations at the same universities, and so on. That’s not the point. No one cares that both parties have an intelligence distribution roughly equivalent to the US as a whole (in other words, there are smart people and dumbasses in both parties). Literally no one cares that you’ve identified that they’re both playing in the same game because it’s fuckin’ obvious.

What we care about are the policy differences. And when it comes to policy and governance, the parties are very different. Post about that next time.

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