Only children of reddit, what is something that people with siblings don't understand?

This is something that was difficult for my SO to understand when we first moved into our TINY one-bedroom apt together. at the time our work schedules were pretty identical (both worked nights with the same two days off) after a while I had to switch my schedule up to just give myself one day a week where I could be alone.

it’s nothing against her at all, i absolutely love her and i love her company, it’s just that for my whole life there was really nobody but me and there’s no way to change how i’m wired..sometimes i just need solitude and that does make me feel bad but i don’t know any better.

I think it’ll be easier after i finish school and we can get a bigger place where I can have my own space, but for now I’ll just keep looking forward to my 9 or so hours alone every Wednesday evening.

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