I only delete my posts because a naturally occurring molecule could put me in a cage for life.

Don’t call me an idiot, I’m asking which means I wasn’t clear.

r/DMT the opposite of a troll sub. So pull it back. If I’m wrong great — I’m actually of at least sub-par intelligence. DMT tends to attract that.

I’m still not clear — it looked like you’re revealing a personal contact w police someone referenced anonymously? I’ll reluctantly admit I’m r/foundthemobileuser so the comment order can be tough for me to see sometimes.

I absolutely apologize if I missed something I know that’s serious accusation — I’m not trying to be dick, but I’d rather risk being dickish than ignoring.

I mean, I was literally just pointing out that you can guarantee le monitor this sub. There will be pain for DMT users as they try to stomp it out. Fake LSD stories from the 60s still proliferate about teens cooking a baby they were watching.

I understand your offense if I’m wrong. I’ll get on my laptop so I can read. If I’m wrong then I’m sure IATA, bro.

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