and to think this was only a few years ago…

I think Pirlo will one day be a great coach. The first half of the season was really good and then we had injuries and players underperforming and rumors about Ronaldo leaving and Rabiot, Arthur, Ramsey etc and I think it sort of fractured the mentality of a lot of the players. Plus it's hard for a brand new coach to juggle 3 tournaments (serie A, UCL, Coppa) with an injured and lacking depth squad.

I also think it was way too soon for him. He needed like 3-5 years coaching low level teams and then being an assistant to a higher level team. For example I can see De Rossi being a dope coach as he's learned from Mancini. Now he would just have to coach a low level team and get used to what a club season is like compared to a national team with tactics and schedules etc but then I think he could be really good too as he was a smart and motivational player.

Allegri is awesome but it's like 1-0 awesome. Tbf, he shouldn't take much heat but the management who built this squad should be taking it.

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