This is the only kind of July 4th decoration that want to see

You know what? I'll humor you. Let's say that abortion is murder. Our society is already so full of people with mental illnesses, drug addictions, and who are incarcerated. People who are pregnant who do not want a baby are going to have kids that they resent. They will likely be shit parents because they are parents who do not want to be parents. Shit parents fuck up their kids, who grow up to repeat the cycle.

We don't even take care of the people who are already alive. We don't take care of the kids who need it. We don't help people with their drug addictions, we just throw them in prison when they fuck up. We don't help people in poverty, we just throw them in prison when they fuck up. And instead of forcing people to have kids that they are going to fuck up, can we...not?

Plus, the laws being enacted are not reasonable. Here in Alabama, there are no exceptions for rape or incest. So if you're 13 and get pregnant by your dad, well buckle up because you're carrying that baby to term.

In writing, abortions when the health of the mother is at stake are technically legal. However the punishments for doctors who perform abortions are so extreme, that they have to be VERY careful who they give abortions to. They may have to wait until the mother begins bleeding or is almost put of time before they do anything. And they may have to talk to their lawyer first.

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