The only people who celebrated the 4th were white Christian males and their handmaiden.

I'm a woman who cooked yummy food and enjoyed fireworks (what little I could see on a foggy night). Why? Because I'm not going to force myself to sit around being a grumpy and miserable lump of uselessness when there's a chance to enjoy something. I'm already a grumpy and miserable lump of uselessness every other day. It's not "celebrating my own goddamn oppression" to try to find something fun and/or less depressing in my life on a specific day that's already set aside for celebrating things. It's not going to hurt me to watch fireworks or barbecue or whatever else, and it's not going to help the world at all if I abstain. It's kind of counterintuitive and hypocritical to aim vitriol at women for doing what they want with their lives and judging them so cruelly for it, when you're so concerned about the damage being done to women's rights to... do what we want with our own lives.

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