The only person benefitting from you not discussing your wage with co-workers is your employer!

I agree that salaries should be discussed openly.

At my last company, raises were almost unheard of. They had a "process" where you could compile a report outlining why you feel you deserved a raise, but I don't think it ever resulted in a salary increase - more a deterrent.

The result of this policy is that new hires would be at current market rates, so often have higher salaries than experienced employees. Needless to say they had a strict "don't talk about salary" policy.

After some beers with a co-worker who was just hired, I found out I made quite a bit less than him. It didn't sour my relationship with him at all, but did turn me off from the company and despite its practices and killed my motivation at work and tolerance for BS and company "culture" talk. I quite soon after for a much better job in a company that is much more chill and transparent.

Worst part: I learned of a senior web dev in the company who has been there for over 10 years and was making HALF of what new junior devs were making...

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