The only reason I don't kill myself is because it would hurt other people

I feel the same. for me everything "on the paper" seems to be just perfect tbh. I have a loving family, the best friends i could ever wish for. I have a decent car, pretty damn good job, friendly and funny colleagues, can't get rid of some girls so i guess i'm not that bad looking either. I have a nice house and i can do pretty much whatever i want because i can afford it and yet i wish i never woke up after going to sleep, wishing i could just die in sleep, nothing makes me happy, nothing brings me joy. I've been feeling like this for the past 8 years or so, I'm 24M. Don't know how and why I started to feel this way. I've always been thinking - maybe i'll feel better after a year or something but nothing ever changes in the way i feel. guess im just too big of a pussy to just do it, don't want to hurt my family/friends but at the same time i'm tired of living, i'm not happy and i just want to fall asleep forever. I'm slowly becoming numb and i just don't care about anything that happens lately. Idk what's wrong with me and why i feel this way.

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