They only reveal themselves to eat

More people was maybe not the best description, but anyone who lived near where these things exist would likely have what they were, and people who didn’t live near where they exist likely wouldn’t have even known of their existence, that’s what I meant by more people would have known.

Less people would have been confused by them than now is maybe a better statement. Point is, we really don’t give people in our past enough credit. People don’t know what things are now and assume that people wouldn’t have known then either, when the truth is that people in those times often knew a great deal more about their environments than we do now, because those people almost always depended on their environments to survive. They had to know which animals lived where and what they did, for their own safety, to know if they were dangerous, if they were safe to eat, could they be useful in their function, to clean certain things for example?

We might have more in depth and more widespread general knowledge now, we also have a lot of widespread ignorance in a lot of topics that were vital to survival back then, and people seem to forget that.

Same with some seemingly intricate locking system that was posted on reddit a while ago, commenters were confused how people were able to operate such a seemingly intricate system back then because it had all these specific steps to follow, when in reality those systems were pretty widespread and had developed out of systems from other widely used locking systems. We might have a lot of knowledge now, there is also plenty of knowledge that has been lost by the greater public because it became obsolete.

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