Only the rich can be brave

I’m pretty sure the collateral was my truck, but it’s been a very long time. I wasn’t being intentionally vague, I’ve just done it so many times at this point, while continuing to co-run what is now a high end custom trim company, that they all blur together.

I had a drawn up plan for remodeling it. I bought the condo with 10 percent down. It was in bad shape. Holes in the walls, built in 1973, never fixed up, etc. I remodeled it for between 7-10k. Some of which was money I had saved.

Tools I mostly rented or borrowed.

I wasn’t really being specific because it’s not a blueprint for success. I’m not selling this route. There are a million stories just like mine.

My ex-gf, for example, decided to sell solar panels. She got the idea, put together a plan, did everything she could to make contacts in the business. Began pitching it to investors. Found some. Began buying solar panels and reselling then here in the States. Now she has a full fledged solar panel business.

My current girlfriend decided to be a personal trainer. She did all of her certifications. Taught high school colorguard to pay the bills. Moved on to selling colorguard supplies to schools. Meanwhile put together a website. Began to train for a local gym. Moved on to training for one of the outdoor programs that are all over the place. Met lots of people. Began to have clients that loved her. Finished her website. Began to train people solo. Now she has a personal training business.

The point is just that entrepreneurship is the way to get into the game. It just takes a hell of a lot of work, a lot of “go get it”, and it’s always a risk. But it’s doable, and you don’t have to be privileged or lucky to make it happen.

Yes, some people enjoy those luxuries, but not everyone.

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