Only thing that helps me

Did you just skim the first page until you found a section that you thought supported your point? Cause what you quoted is stating that for CONNECTICUT, insomnia is not on the list of qualifying diagnosis. This is largely because insomnia is more often a symptom of an underlying disease or disorder. Insomnia is the most frequently complained about symtpom of almost every disorder or disease that is on that list, as is explained in the article, which you would know had you actually read it. Other states have their own qualifying lists. You're an adult, find those for yourself.

From that same page is this quote; "Now it turns out that cannabis is an incredibly complex plant substance and its psychoactive components are equally complex. I want to discuss some of this complexity in the interest of helping people better understand the potential benefits and risks of using cannabis for sleep problems. I will therefore, over the next several posts, go into greater depth about this fascinating plant and its possible role in the treatment of sleep disorders. I will be covering issues including the psychopharmacology of cannabis, the psychological and physical effects of its use as a drug, and what all of this may mean going forward for using medical cannabis as a treatment for sleep disorders."

Don't ask for a citation and then refuse to actually read everything and just cherry pick the sections you like best. That's not how science or research works. Furthermore, if you are expecting a 40+ year case study of cannabis use on a patient with ONLY insomnia as a symptom/disorder then you're out of your mind. First of all, because of bigots like you no one had been able to test cannabis medicinally and officially until recent years. Secondly, as I stated above, insomnia is usually a SYMPTOM and not an individual DISORDER. Cannabis is primarily used for treating SYMPTOMS you dense son-of-a-*****.

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