"Only a white person would do this!"

Nah man. Don't let people on reddit change what you know is real. I stopped commenting a long time ago because people here are highly tuned to what will and will not attract online criticism. They spend a lot of time online and seem to have adapted their whole personality to the internets standards both on and offline. They've mostly abandoned what's real and true to be politically correct and avoid downvotes or dislikes.

Black people can be racist as shit. They play it off as jokes. The joke was an insult. Most jokes are based on the truth. A black person can make white jokes all day "errrday" but when a white person makes black jokes they're walking on ice.

I came out of my shell because you took your comment back to please some dorks on reddit. That ain't right man. You're ok. Don't change your views for reddit. Just delete the comment next time.

I've seen it. Anytime you make a joke that points out the differences between races. Jokes are not only based on the truth, but they're funny because they're true. And I've seen these light hearted joksters admit they don't like white people when they get angry. Do you really have to be slapped in the face with racism to see it? No, you saw it. You recognized it. You're a smart guy. Keep your smarts to yourself around other people. They're not that bright!

"Hey look that car is stolen!" "How do you know??" "The driver is black!"

Holy SHIT that was racist... yeah I know. But what did the joke say really? That more black people steal cars? That there's more crime in black neighborhoods? Guess what it's true. Nobody wants to admit it but it's true. Ever watch an episode of bait car!?

The joke in this post wasn't quite as offensive but what did the joke say really? That white people are stupid? Dorky? Tacky? Or just artistic and creative? It's actually hard to say because it's so generalized. White people just do stupid shit. And the bad part is yes it is true. Black people generally don't do shit like that. "Why" is a question worth thinking about. I'm white and I don't do dorky stuff like that. Probably because I'm a grown ass adult but hey - I don't know.

Wow, what a rant haha. :) annnnnd wait for the downvotes. But for real man, the downvotes are coming. Screw them ok? Remember how the comedian said he doesn't do college campuses anymore cuz they get offended by everything? Yeah that's what you're dealing with here. Don't be like them. Like I said keep it to yourself around them but don't actually buy into their politically correct crap. Come on, we live in a very real world. They're living in a bubble.

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