Ontario May 24th update: 460 new cases, 331 recoveries, 25 deaths, 35 new hospitalizations, 6 new ICU

I'm all in for masks even if I live in a remote location without cases now. It will make me feel more comfortable seeing people wearing them (same with me). The reality is that masks are very useful for enclosed environment (indoor locations) where you can't have 6ft apart from someone and/or you are planning to have a prolonged contact with someone out of your circle (more than 10 minutes). For short exchanges < 10 minutes, outdoor and respecting 6ft, masks are not really required (unless the other person is showing symptoms specially coughing and sneezing). Talking only expels around 200 virus particles per minute. In order to get sick, some studies suggest that you need approximately 1000 particles in your system. If so, you need to inhale all of them at once (very very unlikely) to get sick which will time around 5 minutes. Therefore, if you are outside and consider the breeze/wind and open space, it makes interactions respecting social distance quite safe. So, masks outside are not "really" helping much if you are not planning to be < 6ft apart (breathing distance) for a long period of time with someone.

Anyhow, I'm voting for masks as well even what I said above seems to indicate that are situations that are "relatively safe" without a mask.

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