Ontario Premier Doug Ford can't get into his home due to anti-vaxx protesters outside: spokesperson

No one is upset been lie by these politician. While in South Africa pandemia is finish. Florida they live like we are suppose to live. PCR test is the tools they are using to impose emergency state. Even the inventor of the PCR test said his test no mean to detect virus. It's a diagnostic tools. He die in 2019 they shut his mouth so he will not be able to talk. China use the World Economic Forum like a horse Troy.

The More people will align to get test the more légitimity they give to governement to impose lockdown. Last week we were near free for Christmas they said to people to get test. This week number come out 4000 cases. Governement close everything. No more than 10 people for Christmas. Bar, Restaurant 50%, gym close, sport close. Today some say the number will get higher near 6000. People are align miles and miles It's just crazy.

They said last week take the 3rd shot. And they close everything this week. Why taking the shot, It's does not protect on omicron. Take it it could protect you.

Hey Pfizer CEO work on omicron vaccine will be ready in march.

From a Danish study. Who got omicron 1.2% unvax,. 5.5 double shot, 8% booster.

Kary Mullis is a true scientist. Not like Fauci working for China his a fraud.


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