'Onus on employers' as Victoria introduces anti-wage theft penalties including 10 years' jail

This is great news.

I worked for a certain bag maker in Fitzroy with naive highschool staff working as "volunteers" for years.

Got away with it for ages because of his altruistic and charismatic charm.

Behind closed doors he was ruthless scum that would yell at me over the stupidest shit, literally once saying "you don't deserve to work for me. If you wanted this bad enough how come you don't cry when you say how much you love your job?"

He didn't pay me for over a year and didn't even submit my super forms. Fair work thankfully helped me out, I got all my wages back, the Fitzroy store closed. Sadly still running and touring his sob story to lure people in to his CBD store.

Actual penalties for abusive, exploitative scum like this is long overdue.

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