OOP - AITA for not wanting a ring my fiancé already gave to another girl

Because typically when you propose, you spend money

Everyone is different, I don’t mind paying a portion of my ring because it’s a symbol of my partnership, but it’s also not wrong for those who do mind because I am atypical

I’d still be offended if my partner tried to give me someone’s exact same ring, because it feels disrespectful. I deserve a ring meant for me and our relationship. Do I think OOPs behavior is the best? Of course not

But I agree with the sentiment, the difference is that my partner and I talk about these things openly and are on the same page. We’ve already picked out stones that we like, and he can pick one from there and propose whenever he wants. I’ve also offered to help pay.

The ring shouldn’t matter that much, I was just saying there were alternative solutions. It’s pretty obvious they were more incompatible in general past the ring though. Seems like they were a bit immature. And yes, I find both of them immature, because both of them could have compromised.

I don’t think he should have necessarily sold the ring, but he can easily keep the stone and change the setting. Also, if he’s willing to pay money for the first fiancé, I don’t see why he wouldn’t be willing to spend way less on the second one, or at the very least ask her her opinion.

But OOP and him also should have had this convo in advance. They didn’t seem very meant for each other imo.

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