Another essay by someone who’s an absolute idiot and just wants to yell at clouds.

“Clearly Kirk cousins isn’t working because the team went 13-4! Now sure we had the 31st ranked defense and the offense completely carried us to a 13-4 record but nope! All cousins fault! Screw fixing the 31st ranked defense, let’s get rid of our QB who just threw for fucking 4500 yards! Why don’t we just draft the next Patrick Mahomes idiets, it’s not hard!!!”

God I hate braindead fans like this. And the worst part is, is that they think they’re the smartest guy in the room so they have to post same dumbass nonsense everywhere. No self awareness at all. This complete clown just admitted he had no idea who to replace cousins with, yet continues to say we need to replace cousins. You can’t even make up this level of stupidity. Absolute embarrassment of a fan.

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