OOP's cousin pulls a prank on his wife that almost ruins his marriage

Honestly, I kinda understand the brother/cousin's situation and I feel like it's a borderline NAH situation, possibly ESH, situation. What he did was horrible, don't get me wrong, but when you are as deep in mental illness as he is, I get how it can happen.

Hear me out:

I'd bet the therapists gives him a diagnosis for depression and/or an anxiety disorder. Possibly schizophrenia or even bipolar, but that's harder to say. The Cafe talk solidified it for me. The way he described his thoughts about "mama" preferring his siblings and his wife abandoning him for her dad are textbook for a delusional disorder. He even admits the thoughts are "crazy"; he knows those thoughts aren't true but he can't stop thinking them.

His pranks, meanwhile, are a toxic coping mechanism, I'd bet. He could be trying to have a sense of control or trying to assure himself that the people around him won't leave. Sounds like he's still scarred from his parents' deaths. (The fact that the family put up with the pranking is another problem.)

Delusional disorders can be insidious and subtle. In many people, their brains can actively force them toward believing things they know aren't true. Their own brain is brainwashing them.

All that said, anxiety and depression are an explanation but not an excuse. He needs that therapy to learn better coping mechanisms and actually process his issues. Hope it goes well, for both their sakes

As for OOP, her rage, while understandable, is bordering on counterproductive. That said, she recognized that the rage wasn't useful and did the best, I think, that a non-professional could do in the situation. If the brother has a mental health issue, I hope the OOP and the SIL aren't too hard on him. While the behavior does need to be discouraged, that doesn't mean rejecting him as a person. It can be very hard for family's of mentally ill people to separate the person from the illness, so I hope that goes well.

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