OOP's fiancé gives her a lackluster ring and proposal and it takes a turn for the worst very quickly

It’s a long story but i proposed to my wife with a book.

She told me exactly what she wanted, ring wise, and I took copious notes. However after realizing just how many minute details there are, and how much i could fuck up the purchase i said nope. I didn’t want to spend that much money, on a ring she was probably going to wear A LOT, and get it wrong.

I made a really cute book detailing our relationship, proposed in a great way, and used a decent looking ring i grabbed from her collection.

Afterwards we went ring shopping together, she loved the process. We got a ring totally unlike what she told me to get. I had a healthy budget, but she added some of her own money to make it even better.

She loves the ring. After many years she still comments on how awesome it is. She says thanks but i always laugh, cus i just let her pick out what she wanted.

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