OP Criticizes Poster for Only Having White Friends. (But wait...OP only has white friends too).

To give some context, this is all happening on a gay sub. There's been a huge issue with people who are not white feeling discriminated against because people would write things like "no blacks" or "no asians" on dating / hook up apps. After the backlash over this, most people stopped writing these kinds of things.

This all led to thousands of arguments about weather or not your decision not to date someone black, asian, or of another race was a "preference" or due to "racism".

I think what OP is doing is taking this argument one step further. Now, it's not just bad that you won't (possibly) date someone outside your race - but then I guess he sees an issue that someone won't even be friends with them.

Of course there are racist people in the world, but the guy who posted his b-day pics can't be labeled that way from that alone.

I don't know if this made sense...it's hard to explain outside of the gay community & even this issue is just about 5 years old (as dating apps became more popular).

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