Open carry whilst black in Seattle

Jesus Christ. Why do you get your car detailed and leave valuables in it? That's Mistake #1 that could have AVOIDED ALL OF THIS. Mistake #2 was being unstable and uncooperative with the police WHILE ARMED. This is some typical urban drama bullshit. And you think the police are supposed to arrest someone because someone called you names? NO! Mistake #3 -- lying your ass off. Your story kept changing. First they supposedly called you a nigger, ok.Then later you added faggot, then even later you added that the woman put her hands on you? THEN LATER, YOU ADDED THAT SHE SAID YOU'LL BE THE NEXT FREDDIE GRAY?? STOP LYING. I have my own criticisms of the Seattle Police Department, but they performed well here. They have to deal with idiots like you all day, fuck that job.

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