Open Letter to the Atlanta Comedy Scene

What's the point of this if you aren't going to name names or at least say which clubs!?

You're using a throwaway. How is it going to change if you don't say it?

You're just complaining and not backing anything up. You're getting a lot of people saying "same here" but I don't see many from Atlanta chiming in.

I'm from Atlanta. I've only done a few open mics. I haven't tried to do any more than that. I have no idea if you are right or not. Your open discussion doesn't help me or anyone navigate the scene at all. How can it improve if we don't where the problems are?

So here's my guesses as to the gatekeepers or clubs based off little more than discussions I've overheard and my own observations.

Atlanta Comedy Theater - Gary Abdo

Punchline - Lace Larabee / Jarrod Harris (I honestly don't know if they do the booking)

Starbar - Rodney

I have no idea and haven't even tried to go to these clubs. I'm just not afraid to say names using a throwaway account!!

By the way we can all agree that Bob Wood is a saint of comedy and that the Relapse Theater is the best place right?

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