[Opinion] Every time you go up a division in ranked, the max RP for kills should go up by one

I think it's a fine idea and wouldn't mind it being added

I don't think it changes anything about the meta, I don't think a playstyle centered around "frags" will ever work out at the highest levels. As long as the most points can be gained from placement (and imo they should be because winning should always be the goal) people are going to play slow and try to get the win. Especially when you're being matched up against a whole lobby of players that are most (if not all) near your skill level, starting fights is a much bigger risk than in pub lobbies where the skill levels vary. Fortnite has no kill cap, you get a point per kill, and at the highest levels the game is still played super slow and ends up with a ton of people alive in small zones.

Tbh I think the meta is always going to be slow unless they remove all incentives for winning and basically make it TDM. They could make it harder to camp by nerfing Wattson but she's not that great outside of ranked so I'm sure that would upset people.

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