[Opinion] If you ever get discouraged by the increasing ridiculousness of social justice antics, take heart in what Amy Kaslow, photojournalist, has to say in her inspiring convocation speech at Carleton University where she goes over media ethics, tolerating opinions, censorship and social justice.

Instead she said the pressure to not pursue higher education came largely from "fathers and brothers", without offering any more insight, likely due to the potential label of "Islamophobe" being applied to her, which is unfortunate.

the fact that she only opposed the call-out culture on campuses because it was a "waste of time" is not an argument that resonates with me

I think she was "handling" the listeners and these are both well-crafted indictments to that effect. They're not meant to convince you, the believer; they're meant to sway muslims who are willing to listen to the plight of women, but will shut down if you attack their religion outright; and college students who have a burning desire to improve the world, but are only directed towards call-out culture by their professors and peers. Your argument would not be convincing to them, it would take time until they regard the people whose lives and careers they were ruining as fellow human beings instead of the oppressive "patriarchal ruling class"; meanwhile, you can still channel their actions towards bigger problems.

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