(opinion) I'm really happy with where Ethan's channel is right now

I think the videos like the Costco video was posted on the h3h3 channel bc they've decided to let the e+h channel take a back seat so my guess is that those vids are like the vlogs they did over there but with some goofs & gafs thrown in. I could be wrong but what makes me think this, is that these types of vids are similar to what they often posted over on the e+h channel so rather than posting just skits on h3h3 & vlogs/daily lives/etc on e+h, they're just posting all their vids on h3h3, not everyone from h3h3 are subbed to e+h simply bc its not the content for them so now that they're mainly posting on h3h3 it's a mixed bag on the opinions on each video. Just my thought on this so there's a good chance I'm not even nearly right with it, ive always been subbed to both in the time I've known about them so i haven't noticed a drop in quality like how some of you may feel. Figured if I am partly right for how some of you are thinking it might go some way as an explanation to why you're not quite feeling their recent uploads.

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