[Opinion] Jeremy Gordon / The Outline - "The new ‘Spider-Man’ game turns the hero into web-slinging Nancy Reagan" (gamedrops)

I work in addiction treatment in, shall we say, something approximating hell on earth. And while addicts obviously prefer dignity to dismissal, I cannot stress enough how much they despise being spoken for & how little they care for the insidiously savior-like moral-grandstanding-and-signaling of politicians and journalists who once watched The Wire and now feign cultural heroism from behind a desk without ever once venturing out into the mess itself. And they don't have to venture out into the mess. But get off the fucking mountaintop & stop sniping/raising-a-fist-for-the-disenfranchised /checking-your-privilege from on high. They DON'T WANT YOUR HEROIC CONDESCENSION.

Yes, the following game-dialogue IS cringe and head-up-assy:

“What makes Harry so weak? He’s got everything going for him — his own pad — a car — and a father who denies him nothing.”

But I'd like to think it's at least somewhat aware of -- and taking the piss out of -- Peter's naivite about the world. This is a game, let's not forget, that's a mutant-conflation of 60s "aww-shucks" wholesomeness and 2000s debauchery & post-modernism.

And at least the game has the sack to address the topic in a reasonably civilized & serious fashion. Where was this "journalist" when Sunset Overdrive came out?

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