Opinion on Ruhee Dosani? She always manages to collab with famous people. She got viral on tikitak with her non Indian friends doing dance videos on 2000’s Bolly songs

Ruhee was semi famous on ask.fm and started a YouTube channel back then. Would often party with Sakshi Chopra and her friends (I'm assuming that she went to Jamnabai or Jr college with her). She had her own thing going on and seemed super chill because she was away from most of the ask.fm drama. Then she moved to the states for higher education. By this time most of the kids on ask.fm moved away for college or became "influencers", "entrepreneurs" and struggling actors. I didn't know that she was so big until recently cuz her reels kept popping up on my explore. I won't look her up on purpose but it's nice to see that she's still entertaining a bunch of people without being problematic.

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