Opponents of S.F. school board recall say it's fueled by Republicans. Tell that to its liberal backers

No. Recalls are great. You don't know what life is like in a country without the power to vote.

I'm from Canada. In Canada you don't even vote for the prime minister. You vote for the party candidate in your riding, and then the leader of the party who wins the most ridings gets to be prime minister. You can't choose your prime minister, your premier (equivalent to govenor) or even senators (those are appointed).

Canadians are completely out of touch with the political process and it leaves you feeling powerless. At least in the US or California, you have the ability to come up with Propositions, recall politicians or even judges. It's a very powerful feeling and it's useful.

If politicians don't want to be recalled, then do a better job. It's not that hard. Be the better candidate. Right now, I hate Newsom, but the other candidates are so shitty, he will win the recall by default because no one else can muster a good enough candidate. But SFUSD would rather spend $1M renaming schools than actually get kids back into schools. Alison Collins calls Asians "House <N-word>" and targets successful schools like Lowell because it has "too high" of Asian population because obviously that's un-American right? SFUSD deserves to be recalled and we need a new direction in SFUSD.

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