Opposite to bad beats, What bets have you had that got home when all hope was lost?

Probably the only non sports related comment.

ESL One Genting this year, Team Secret vs Newbee Game 2. Was new to betting and wasn’t disciplined, lost a bit and threw a lot on this game 2.

Newbee were down 23k and 2 raxes with throne exposed and getting fountain dived. (equivalent to a 2-0 scoreline at 85 minutes between 2 top teams and the ball not even leaving your half).

Cursed myself on why i had no discipline and threw so much on this game. Switched off the game and went to rethink my life. 10 minutes later i checked the live scores on my phone and the game wasn’t over. I switched it back on to see Newbee charging down Secret’s base and ending the game. Stunned. Not sure what i did to have the stars align that day but that was a game i’d never forget.

Game in question skip to 11 minutes

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