Opt-In for UC Waiver?

Confusing, isn't it. I will un-confuse you......what you did is you OPTED IN to BruinCare. BruinCare is a plan where you can go see the on-campus clinic for certain services for $60 per quarter. BruinCare is only offered to students who have an approved USHIP waiver. BruinCare does not replace USHIP insurance. BruinCare covers non-emergency stuff like STD testing, treatment for minor cuts and sprains, even x-rays if you think you broke your ankle playing pick up basketball. All these services are available to all UCLA students, but if you waived USHIP they will normally charge you for these visits. It's up to you if you want to pay the extra $$$ for BruinCare, but if you have major insurance like Blue Shield, BlueCross, Kaiser, etc. chances are you have access to a doctor close to campus for these types of services.

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