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where you attacked REST because REST as you understand it

I didn't attack REST. I attacked people who call things REST that have nothing to do with REST.

Disingenuously and sarcastically


Sounds like projection.

Sounds like you think telling someone they didn't get half way through the tutorial isn't attempting to be offensive.

You have your own idea of REST

It isn't "my own idea" of REST. It's the idea of REST that the guy who invented the acronym means. Hence me pointing you to wikipedia and the original author's writings.

if your broken idea of REST is that no caching is ever allowed on the server

That's not "my broken idea of REST." That's the idea of the original inventor of the term, and indeed it's the very reason he invented the term. REST means "the way of doing it so there's no state stored on the server." I didn't say caching. I said state and cookies. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Representational_state_transfer#Statelessness

I asked how you do keep track of a login without cookies. You said PKI. That doesn't really answer the question, because as you said, PKI isn't really the job of a REST server. I'm seriously wondering how you keep track of a login state in a browser without using cookies, and you're telling me I'm ignorant. Yes, I know that, but you're arrogant, because you won't answer the question in a way that makes any fucking sense.

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