The option for a Fridge Light to be still on after you close your fridge. Because food is scared when it's dark. (I only noticed it because the light generated heat and ruined my butter. Left side cold, right side room temperature.

so this fridge is ancient, first and foremost. i get it, that you probably can´t afford a new fridge, but you would save so much money with a modern energy saving appliance.

its a dumb idea, but that fridge is from the eighties, so

This comment is a perfect example how full of shit top comments often are.

The fridge was made by the renowned German company Miele that still used this technology for new models in 2013 (and possibly a few years longer) - for reference see 2013 model KT 12410 S-1. The interior also looks way younger than from the 80s, more like 2009-2013 and energy savings of this model are therefore way better than the top comment claims.

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