Options other than AF or BB?

I think that’s fair. You sound like you want a guy like me. Average or plain looking, don’t really get noticed on the street, and relatively nice to people. However many men feel absolute inadequacy by their inability to get women, I know I def do. I could be projecting my own desires onto other men, but if I could, I would 100% be the Chad who can fuck multiple women, not just the one I’m in a relationship. I think your “beta” guy won’t necessarily be proud of his status, and he’ll always wish that he could have more because he didn’t necessarily choose this life, but rather he was stuck with it. Again, I could just be projecting my own wants and desires onto others, but if given the chance, I’d throw all of my relationships away for the ability to be a tall, good looking Chad who can get casual sex when and with who I want.

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