In order from 1 to 3 what is stopping you from buying more games? Money, Storage, Time.

  1. Shelves are full. No desire to dig through what's arguably become a bloated consumer space looking for new versions of themes or mechanics that I already own.

  2. Other players. Over the last 5 years kids and careers have decimated all of my long standing groups. It's been difficult to replenish the ranks for a number of reasons. No need to buy more stuff when I struggle to play what I do own.

  3. Cost. Income is fine. Cost of entry has gotten bonkers. I fully understand why we're in the state we're in and that this is in fact no longer the 90's but the economics of the current hobby state are #$%#$ ridiculous. We need a Thanos snap, and if a few dungeon crawl peddlers get dusted in the process then that's how it rolls.

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