Order Lost in Shipping, Charge back un-reasonable or am I impatient?

Take trust out of the mix. A company says they mailed a product to you that you purchased. The product was lost in the mail. Regardless of how its spun, you never got a product and cannot verify the product was indeed what you ordered to even return it. It is the senders responsibility to locate the product. You've officially asked for a refund, as it is the senders responsibility to locate the product as you never received it. Its of no concern to you that you didn't receive it. You weren't even given a chance o return the product. Its not your fault if a company chooses a terrible delivery method. You are at no fault and are at the start of a reasonable chargeback . If I were you, I'd give it a week more. But keep in mind, once Oculus receives the product it could be another week before you see your Money. I went through a similar instance with HTC although my product was not lost. They were just slow to follow through on the return process. I waited to just shy of 4 weeks before my credit card bill would have been due and issued a chargeback. The next day my refund arrived in my account, unlikely related to the chargeback, I cancelled the chargeback. That is another thing to consider here, at some point you will start to incurr interest on your charge due to faulty delivery by the sender/shipper choice. You never received anything, plain and simple.

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