Oregon governor issues emergency fire order; three prisons evacuated. The state's largest firefighting helicopters are unavailable; they were deployed to Afghanistan.

Thank you for the advice. For readability:

I don’t know if any Oregon friends will read this but I was just evacuated from my home in California and have some advice and tips I wish I would have known before hand. - fill your gas tank. Make sure it’s at least 3/4 until all fires are extinguished

  • pack way more than you think you need- we anticipated 2-3 days but were evacuated for 2 weeks

  • make a list of things and keep it by the door. I somehow ran out without my wedding ring and laptop. Also if you have kids, keep a bin of distance learning stuff in your go bag- the sooner you can get them back on a schedule the more safe they feel.

  • take a video of all contents in your home- open drawers and closets. Document your refrigerator and freezer contents

  • throw away everything in your fridge and freezer and make sure you take out your garbage. Your power will likely be cut if you’re evacuated and it will be a smelly mess when you come back home.

  • contact your insurance company now to start your claim. Both home owners and renters usually cover hotel, food, and supplies for two weeks while under mandatory evacuation.

  • monitor airb&b - once evacuated they will open emergency housing - email the owners if you have pets- those rules are usually out the window during evacuation orders so don’t be discouraged if it says no pets

  • if you can self evacuate EARLY. I do not want to see any Oregon friends waiting in long traffic lines surrounded by fire. Use your instincts and go as soon as you feel it’s necessary don’t wait.

  • seal all windows and doors. Put Saran Wrap over any ac units or cracks. This will greatly reduces smoke damage.

  • keep a cooler of non perishable snacks and water in your car. My family had to drive to another state because the hotels and shelters were filled because the area was so huge.

  • keep all identification and documents in a safe place on you. If your id doesn’t have a current address grab a utility bill you’ll need this for applications to show residency with fema, airb&b etc

  • if you can withdraw a bit of cash to keep on hand in a bag- I accidentally got my cards shut off because I didn’t put travel notices on them so my bank thought it might be fraud.

  • when you get back home do not sweep or blow the ash. This can create a toxic air quality and can blow hot embers. Instead you want to wet things down and use wet paper towels on surfaces

  • upon returning home replace all filters in your home and car

  • am easy way to rid your home of smoke is to get box fans, large filters and attach them, then allow them to run non stop while being covered with a wet towel that has liquid fabric softener on it.

Above all else- please be safe. My heart is breaking for the west coast right now.

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