Ori director criticises developers for overhyping games with "lies and deception"

People who didn’t watch any trailer and just bought the game, and that they ended up liking it since they didn’t fall into the “hype”. I honestly think that isn’t much of a thing anymore.

I'm one of those "uninformed gamers". The only trailer I'd ever seen for it was the original teaser trailer and I'd seen the Keanu Reeves memes so I knew he was in it. So I would have no idea if the developers failed to deliver on their promises.

I prefer to judge games based on what they are not what the hype train says it should be or what the developer says it will be (Peter Molyneux taught me years ago that you can't trust developers to be truthful about their games). To use your steak example, if I go into a restaurant, order a steak, and it's a good 6oz steak then I'll be happy. I'm not angry that I didn't get a 10oz steak because I didn't know that's what it was supposed to be.

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