Oriental Society (and most Seasonals) in a nutshell

Agreed! ranma=shrek and shrek=life/love . My uncle got me DVD’s as a kid not knowing the contents. Then one day he wanted me to watch it with the fam and little kids on my birthday. I think I made up a stupid excuse and watched it in my room and they all got upset. As I got older I kept on re-watching and getting dopamine. Boys and Girls in middle school who knew I read/watched it I used to bully me :/ they snuck into my room (thru my mom) went into my closet, when I got home they came out of my closet and called me a pervert for having a ranma 1/2 collection. I think Ranma actually help gave me gender confusion for a while too lol. As this is a bleach brave souls sub, and I don’t want any mod to get salty for all the ranma love, I wanted to say the word bleach brave souls twice in this comment. I’m typing a lot but I’m just excited someone genuinely really likes the series.

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