Orland Park looks to revoke Sky Zone business license after Saturday night fight

The honest word is blacks from outlying areas come to orland for skyzone, gizmos, Dave and busters and start fights. There was a skyzone lock-in party and fights happen. 800 kids in a 250 max building. However these 3 businesses have brought in roust teens who fight, break in cars, shoot, and carjack residents. I’m pissed. People bitch about breaking stereotypes and this happens reinforcing the stereotype. How can anyone stop racism and perceptions when this happens. And if someone bitches, then you’re called a white racist. No one is taking responsibility for this. Matteson, River Forest, anyone coming from I80 and I57 don’t answer to this. I’m fucking sick of this. I don’t care what color lives in my neighborhood. I hate fucking ghetto trash who ruin things for everyone, including their own people.

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